Workshops are structured over 2 days, with the first day set aside for building forms and the 2nd day for glazing. No experience is necessary.

2 Day Workshop:
2 Weekend afternoons 1:00 - 3:30pm

$140.00 + HST

(Price includes clay, glazes and firing)


Art of the Small Dish

You don’t have to be a master illustrator to come up with effective and fun images. Easy to make small, functional dishes allow you to concentrate on surface designs using stencils, textures and underglazes.
Saturday Oct 22 and Saturday Nov 5


Ornaments for the Holiday Season 

In anticipation for the holidays, make ornaments to mark the occasion and spirit of the season. Beautiful details are small gems of experience and giving.
Sunday Nov 20 and Sunday Dec 4


Porcelain Snowflakes

Marvel at the design of snowflakes and capture their uniqueness with pure white porcelain, the Queen of clays. 
Sunday Jan 22 and Sunday Feb 5


My Favourite Tumbler

Reach for your favourite tumbler that you made yourself - easy to make but hard to find unique items that you don’t find at IKEA.
Saturday March 4 and Saturday March 18


For the Garden

In anticipation for the gardening season, make choice pots that are made from earthenware: thick, textured and rustic.
Sunday May 14 and Sunday May 28